Vicenza's new Theater

The project was born to sxpress my personal interpretation on the new Vicenza's theater design. I decide to use an old Hasselblad 500 cm with bw film. I use only 1 roll of film, personally developed and scan for hy-res print. All prints are available on numerated series of 20 (for the 50x50 cm version) and of 5 (for the 100x100 cm), as a fine art Lambda print with plexi.

I choose the square Hasselblad CM500 format to describe a personal interpretation of the architecture design of the new Vicenza's Theater.
The project was done in BW Kodak Film on an old Hasselblad 500 cm.
All the 12 images are from the same 120 film.
Fine Prints are available on 50x50 cm lambda print mount on plexi.
For more information ask me at: or vistit my site at

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